September 2019 program – Lead Acid Batteries

Our September meeting will feature a presentation on lead acid batteries for ham radio use. Our very own John Urban, WA9UOD, will present for discussion, battery safety, makeup, voltages, capacity ratings, charging and more! Everything you ever wanted to know about choosing the right battery for your application, but were afraid to ask.
Join us on September 10, 7pm at Spring Creek BBQ in McKinney for this and more!

July 2019 Program – CERT

Our July program will feature our very own William N5WOI and Kenneth KF5TXL presenting on Allen CERT. Find out how Ham Operators provide critical communications during various emergency situations and how you can get involved. They will be also be sharing a real life example of the help CERT/ Ham Radio provided after the devastating Hail storm this past March in Allen.

Please plan on joining us for this and more at 7pm, July 9th at Spring Creek BBQ, 75 and 380 in McKinney. We hope to see you there!

June 2019 Program – Field Day

Field Day 2019 is almost here! Please join us on June 11th, 7pm at Spring Creek BBQ in McKinney for an in-depth look at MARC’s plans for Field Day 2019 and how you can be a part of it. We have something for everyone this year, from setup, takedown, GOTA station, VE Exam, Educational Activity, Satellite work, Traffic Handling (W1AW bulletin), Family dinner and of course, making as many contacts as possible on CW, Phone or Digital stations!

Hope to see you there!

May 2019 Program – Amateur Radio Satellites

Ever thought about having a QSO via satellite? Mac Cody, AE5PH, will be giving a presentation on how to work the FM satellites, also known as the ‘easy sats’. Mac has been working satellites since July of 2016 and has had almost 2000 QSOs, worked all fifty states, and fourteen countries. This has been done almost entirely on the ‘easy sats’!

Mac will show you how to work FM satellites with inexpensive radio equipment and with either home-brew or commercial antennas. All you will need to have is a Technicians License! If the weather holds and and a satellite is available, Mac will give a live demonstration of working an FM satellite. Otherwise, Mac will present a video of him working satellites during Winter Field Day in 2017.

Join us on May14, 7pm at Spring Creek BBQ in McKinney for this and more!

April 2019 Program – Surviving 2019 Propagation

Make plans now to join us on April 9, 2019 for a presentation by Dick Morgan, K6RAH, on “Surviving 2019 Propagation”, 7pm at Spring Creek BBQ in McKinney.

Topics covered during the presentation will be:

1. Understanding band condition information
2. Using a propagation gadget & beacons
3. Try digital modes now!

Predicting RF signal propagation is much like forecasting the weather…only harder. Astro science is still working to solve big questions such as “why sunspots develop, and what causes the solar cycle?”

Meanwhile, radio operators need to monitor the continuous measurements now available to determine workable operating modes and frequencies.

Dick will explain what radio operators need to know and how to work with a handy propagation gadget. The use of radio signal beacons/reports to measure real-time propagation from a station to other parts of the world will also be covered.

It will become clear that greater knowledge of radio signal propagation, along with certain operating techniques and modes, will be the key to making contacts, even during the low points of the eleven year solar cycles.

Dick Morgan, K6RAH, was first licensed as KN6RAH in 1956 at the age of 14. He earned his General Class license and he actively chased DX during the legendary solar cycle 19 from  Southern California. Marriage, college and later career and children intervened for many years. Ham radio, however, is like malaria, it never really goes away. In 2009, Dick returned to ham radio, passing all three exams and now operates as an extra class ham, this time from Dallas. He is still a proud DX hound, having earned his DXCC – Phone with 100 Watts and a random wire antenna and is now working to earn DXCC – Digital. Dick is a past president of the Richardson Wireless Klub, past board member, and past editor of RWK’s newsletter. Check out his QRZ page when you get a chance, and be sure to ask him about his ‘Phantom of the Attic’ antenna. This setup was featured in the March 2017 issue of CQ Magazine.