April 2019 Program – Surviving 2019 Propagation

Make plans now to join us on April 9, 2019 for a presentation by Dick Morgan, K6RAH, on “Surviving 2019 Propagation”, 7pm at Spring Creek BBQ in McKinney.

Topics covered during the presentation will be:

1. Understanding band condition information
2. Using a propagation gadget & beacons
3. Try digital modes now!

Predicting RF signal propagation is much like forecasting the weather…only harder. Astro science is still working to solve big questions such as “why sunspots develop, and what causes the solar cycle?”

Meanwhile, radio operators need to monitor the continuous measurements now available to determine workable operating modes and frequencies.

Dick will explain what radio operators need to know and how to work with a handy propagation gadget. The use of radio signal beacons/reports to measure real-time propagation from a station to other parts of the world will also be covered.

It will become clear that greater knowledge of radio signal propagation, along with certain operating techniques and modes, will be the key to making contacts, even during the low points of the eleven year solar cycles.

Dick Morgan, K6RAH, was first licensed as KN6RAH in 1956 at the age of 14. He earned his General Class license and he actively chased DX during the legendary solar cycle 19 from  Southern California. Marriage, college and later career and children intervened for many years. Ham radio, however, is like malaria, it never really goes away. In 2009, Dick returned to ham radio, passing all three exams and now operates as an extra class ham, this time from Dallas. He is still a proud DX hound, having earned his DXCC – Phone with 100 Watts and a random wire antenna and is now working to earn DXCC – Digital. Dick is a past president of the Richardson Wireless Klub, past board member, and past editor of RWK’s newsletter. Check out his QRZ page when you get a chance, and be sure to ask him about his ‘Phantom of the Attic’ antenna. This setup was featured in the March 2017 issue of CQ Magazine.